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Hotline: 0755-23066409

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Founded in 2005, Shenzhen Shanhai Chemical Pigment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive chemical enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Since its establishment, the company has always focused on innovation in the field of pigments, and strives to become a world-class chemical pigment supplier by providing quality products and flexible services to local and global customers. At the same time, the company also takes care of selling various high-quality chemical pigments of world-renowned brands, which can better provide services and technical assistance to customers. The compa...MORE

Company office area

  • 反光粉01

  • 鋁銀漿5

  • 鋁銀漿6

  • 珠光粉1

  • 珠光粉2

  • 珠光粉3

  • 珠光粉4

  • 珠光粉5

  • 珠光粉6

  • 珠光粉7

  • 鋁銀漿4

  • 鋁銀漿3

  • 反光粉02

  • 反光粉03

  • 反光粉04

  • 反光粉05

  • 反光粉06

  • 反光粉07

  • 反光粉封面

  • 鋁銀漿1

  • 鋁銀漿2

  • 營業執照掃描